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We connect managers of large organizations to inspire each other and develop themselves.

Our First Class Package offers fully customized culture transformation programs, around a core of leadership development by Peer Learning. 




The Culture Transformation Cycle is our preferred methodology to work on transformations where mindset shifts are crucial.

Designing strong guiding principles, execution of visible actions, measurement of change in behaviour, enabled by a continuous development of leadership capabilities.

Use Cas Culture Transformation



A large multinational wanted to become more digital. A summit was organized to kick-off, after which top leadership went through a base-line assessment.

Corporate values were matched to the new strategy and visible actions per value were executed on organization, BU, team and personal level.


Culture Surveys and pulses measured shift in behaviour. Leadership inspired each other via Peer Learning on Team level, and in Culture Community on BU level. 

Use Case









It's not about what you say, it's about what you do. Communication is important to raise awareness, but visible change does not go without visible actions of leadership. A great way to engage leaders is a visible actions roadshow. A visible actions session takes 90 minutes and can be run with 50 to 200 people.


Use an open location without chairs and create one corner in the room per value. Ask people to go to the corner of the value that they feel closely related to. Every group runs the same workshop of twenty minutes, answering the question: Which ons single visible action would make our organization more .... (Performance driven, Agile, Digital, Innovative, Ambitious, etc..).

The answers should be concrete, easy to implement, low cost and have a high impact. Facilitators are trained upfront to run the workshops. After twenty minutes every group has brainstormed, prioritized and chosen one visible action. Then people are asked to go to another value that they like and run another twenty minutes workshop.


Now you have two visible actions per value. Ask both winners per value on stage and give each person one minute to pitch . Have all attendees choose by yelling. Now you have one visible action per value. Ask leaders to go to the action they would like to sponsor. Take pictures of every group with every action and communicate to the entire organization of these leaders within 24 hours.


Run this workshop in every country or BU or division and ask the facilitators to cascade to the rest of the organization by taking over the role of the master facilitator and train workshop facilitators themselves.

Visible Actions Road Show


Mindshift transformations, new ways of working and change in behavior are a balance between top-down and bottom up. A community is a great way to connect top and bottom. Communities are voluntary and divers and are a great way for the senior management to discuss ideas outside of the hierarchical structures. The best way to start a community is for the most senior manager to send a mail to all, asking for volunteers to help with the program.


Pick people randomly to create a group of approximately thirty people. Divide the group in subgroups and run sessions to brainstorm and create a short list per topic. Bring senior management and community representatives together to go through short list ideas per topic and choose together. 



The dream of people that work in transformation programs is that people start to work in a different way. A new way of working, showing different behavior. More innovative, or more entrepreneurial or more performance driven.


A good way is to boost new leadership behaviour is by having people to share their individual action plans. But people don't like reporting. Reporting is often used in a hierarchical context. You report directly to me. 

But people tend to like sharing. Sharing is often used in social communities.  Online action planning is a great way to have people share their plans to inspire their colleagues.  

Online Action Planning


Peer Learning is a great way to leverage the existing knowledge within the organization. Connect managers to inspire each other and develop themselves.


Start by defining a set of development topics for a specific group of people. Ask the people to share one single best practice to one of the development topics. Gather all the best practices and have the same group of people pick the most inspiring best practice in the topic where they would like to develop themselves.

Bring mentors and mentees together. Since the people are choosing most inspiring stories, you automatically get an overview of the most inspiring people of your organization.


Treat your most inspiring people well, and more and more people will be willing to share their insights to inspire others and develop themselves.

Peer Learning


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