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Peer Learning XL

Connecting 50 managers

of 10 companies

on June 19

On June 19 we will connect fifty managers to inspire each other and develop themselves on Customer-centricity, Collaboration and Innovation during challenging times.

Participants ...

  • ... lead a team of ten or more employees, which is currently the main supporter or initiator of a transformation process

  • ... have approximately ten or more years of work experience in a knowledge working environment.

  • ... are facing a change requiring a shift in approach & mentality on one or more of the three topics, with no easy fix

What is Peer Learning?

The new and innovative way of learning. No trainers, only peers. Fifty webinars of thirty minutes each. Just pick and choose.

You're buying inspiration from others and paying with your inspiration. Preparing will cost you only 60 minutes. Let's do it !!

How does it work

How does it work?

Our Peer Learning cycle is webinar based. You can either share your inspiration, or learn from others or do both. Our cycles run one week and follow a strict schedule.


You can upload your inspiration on Monday, select a best practice on Wednesday and join a webinar on Friday.


MONDAY 15 June

Upload your inspiration

30 minutes


Select a Best Practice

30 minutes

FRIDAY 19 June

Join webinar

30 minutes


And why should I join?

Henno Janmaat has been enjoying PEER LEARNING throughout his career. It made him CEO of the best Energy Company of the Netherlands and founder of InspiringPeople.

Henno published four books on culture transformation and interviewed thousands of leaders on how they transformed their culture. 

How to make my team more CUSTOMER CENTRIC  ?



The time we talk about customers is usually more than the time we spend talking with customers. Involving the customer in the main strategic projects helps to better understand the customer’s needs, but also to better align the team.

Instead of sending team members to the customer, it’s very refreshing to invite your customer to join two to four of your team meetings every year. This applies to both external and internal customers. For many internal-customer facing teams, it’s already an interesting exercise to define who the customer exactly is.

What do I do on Monday?

On Monday you'll receive a link from us to share your best practice on one of these three questions:  

How to make a Team ...

  1. ... more Customer-centric?

  2. ... more Collaborative?

  3. ... more Innovative?

We will also ask you to provide a catchy title for your best practice, and a time slot on which you can present your story to inspire others on Friday.

A strong best practice is concrete, easy to implement, low budget and has a high impact. It's your WOW story !! 

App Button - PL - Sharing Inspiration (A
App Button - PL - Finding Inspiration (2

And on Wednesday?

On Wednesday you can check out the Best Practices of your Peers and choose the webinars you would like to join on Friday.

Webinars are sorted to time and topics, it's up to you to decide which stories inspire you most. Make sure you check your  calendar for your own availability.

You can select as many webinars as you like. We would actually recommend choosing more than one, preferably best practices that could help you and your team in your current situation.  

What do I do on Friday?

Friday is webinar day. If someone chose your webinar, you have been invited for a video-conference. It is also possible that two or more people liked your story. You will see it all in the email invite you will receive at the end of Wednesday.

A webinar takes thirty minutes. People share why they liked your best practice and will ask you some questions on how they can use it best in their specific situation. You can help them. The webinar is moderated by a facilitator from InspiringPeople. 

You will be invited for the webinars you are interested in. You will then be asked why the story inspired you and together with the writer of the best practice you discuss how it can work for you

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