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Welcome to Sharing!

Today you will be sharing your best practice with your Peers! 

What are you doing today?

Today you will share your best practice answering one of the following questions:


  1. How to make a Team more Trustworthy?

  2. How to make a Team more Collaborative?

  3. How to make a Team more Innovative?

You will also give your story a catchy title and you pick a time slot on Friday on which you can present your best practice to inspire others.

How does it work

What is a best practice?

A best practice is an experience that you had or action that you took that improved a team. 

A strong best practice is concrete, easy to implement, low budget and has a high impact. It's your WOW story !!


You will be asked to share your best practice in a 100 words using the STAR Format which entails the:

  1. Situation you were in

  2. Task at hand

  3. Approach you chose

  4. Result you achieved

Don't worry the sharing environment has plenty of examples for you to look at!

I'm ready to share

Great! Click the image below and you will be taken to the sharing environment.

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