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And the final tip to create agile TEAMS (for now)

We're pleased to announce that during our last Peer Learning week in December 2018, our participants were really inspired by a very simple, and entertaining concept, called 'Start-up visits'. Please feel free to read it by scrolling down. The concept was shared during our recent Peer Learning Week (December 10th to 14th) between managers of large organizations on how to make teams more #Agile.

Photo by Mauro Paillex on Unsplash

Why are we sharing this?

We are InspiringPeople. We are connecting managers of large organizations to inspire each other and develop themselves on leadership topics. By joining our community of managers, you can join our upcoming Peer Learning Weeks.

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Start-up visits

Nothing more agile than a start-up, right? Ask three entrepreneurs to join a session, where they will role-play as shareholders. Divide thirty to forty participants into three groups. Have the groups brainstorm questions on how to become more entrepreneurial, and arrange carousel meetings with the entrepreneurs.

Ask all teams to present their findings. Ask the shareholders to give feedback after every presentation. Give the shareholders (fake) coins, which they can invest in each plan (the team’s jug). The heaviest jug wins the competition.

Do you also want to develop yourself on #Agile, or inspire others ? 

InspiringPeople is connecting people through its community, providing access to videoconferences to inspire the community members, so that they can develop themselves on leadership topics.

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Happy Learning !!

Your InspiringPeople Team

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