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One more tip to create agile TEAMS

We're pleased to announce that during our last Peer Learning week, one concept stuck out by popular vote. This concept was labelled 'Rotating Manager'. Please read it by scrolling down. The concept was shared during our recent Peer Learning Week (october 8th to 12th) between managers of large organizations on how to make teams more #Agile.

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Why are we sharing this?

We are InspiringPeople. We are connecting managers of large organizations to inspire each other and develop themselves on leadership topics. By joining our community of managers, you can join our upcoming Peer Learning Weeks.

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Rotating manager

You need full engagement of every team member to become an agile team. ‘Rotating manager’ ensures full engagement, enabling smooth cooperation. Rotating the function of chairman of the meeting on a monthly basis, gives team members the possibility to deep-dive into the team’s ambitions, seeing the big picture. A great side effect is that people can also test their management skills. The manager coaches and guides the monthly chairman. The rotation order should be clear in advance: for instance alphabetically.

Do you also want to develop yourself on #Agile, or inspire others ? 

InspiringPeople is connecting people through its community, providing access to videoconferences to inspire the community members, so that they can develop themselves on leadership topics.

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Happy Learning !!

Your InspiringPeople Team

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