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Three tips to create agile TEAMS

Hereafter the three most inspiring insights of our recent Peer Learning Week between managers of large organizations on how to make teams more #Agile. These insights were shared by participants to our Agile Peer Learning Week on the 17th of September, chosen by other participants on the 19th of September, and explained further in videoconferences on the 21st of September.

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Why are we sharing this?

We are InspiringPeople. We are connecting managers of large organizations to inspire each other and develop themselves on leadership topics. By joining our community of managers, you can join our upcoming Peer Learning Weeks.

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1. Balanced feedback

Although everyone will agree that we need feedback to be agile, many of us prefer compliments over suggestions. But we need both, since compliments are the energy we need, to work on suggestions. Balanced feedback implies you balance both. So, if everybody in the team gives everybody else in the team (including the manager) three compliments and three suggestions, people are not ranked against each other, but they are ranked against themselves. This increases people’s willingness to discuss development needs.

2. Delegating leader

Success in Agile comes with leader's ability to delegate and full engagement of each member of the team. Delegation results higher responsibility and better performance. When you delegate, people feel their importance in a project or team work. They cooperate like owners, which is a great feature of an agile team.

Delegation gives opportunities to members to perform in a new way the have not been used to work before. Their skills and experience increase, their scope becomes wider, their decisions are bold. As a leader, you still could be a coach or mentor for your agile team.

3. Visualize the future

Agile people don’t have plans, they have dreams instead. ‘Visualizing the future’ is an excellent way to unlock these dreams, and boost the team’s agility. How, you might ask. Option one: ask your team to pick a favourite visual out of some pre-selected images. Option two: have people browse the internet for visuals. Option three: ask them to draw a visual. Have people present the visuals to the group, and choose the winner. Experience how otherwise silent team members, suddenly express surprising insights.

Do you also want to develop yourself on #Agile, or inspire others ? 

InspiringPeople is connecting people through its community, providing access to videoconferences to inspire the community members, so that they can develop themselves on leadership topics.

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Happy Learning !!

Your InspiringPeople Team

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