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Three tips to create collaborative TEAMS

Hereafter the three most inspiring insights of our recent inspiration webinars on how to make teams more Collaborative. These insights were shared by Arjan van der Eijk, Han Mesters, and Omar Manzur.

Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

Why are we sharing this ?

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1. Turn proven learners into teachers (shared by Arjan van der Eijk)

Teams and individuals who have shown the ability to build new capabilities, get the opportunity to act as mentors, and share their experiences via digital platforms, boot camps or blueprints.

With a little support from learning professionals, they build the materials themselves and their enthusiasm and practical experience do the rest. It stimulates and accelerates learning throughout the company and gives a boost to the motivation and engagement of the respective people.

2. Purpose eats culture for breakfast (shared by Han Mesters)

The Purpose of work is to work on Purpose. More and more companies are working on a clear purpose statement. The reason is that the right purpose statement attracts talent. Young talent wants to work for an organisation that has an impact on society: to make the world a better place.

A team will vastly improve collaboration between its members when the team's purpose statement is derived from the overall company's purpose and recognizable for all team members. Purpose drives your team culture and culture drives collaboration. 'Purpose eats culture for breakfast' indeed.

3. Collaboration and leadership (shared by Omar Manzur)

Tasks which require collaboration come with challenges. Multi-cultural teams consist of members having varied views & experiences, which can be an asset and a challenge. While collaborating on a task one must not lose sight of the shared objective by appointing a team lead to steer the discussion towards the goal.

Collaboration does not mean democracy, it derives its success from its leadership which must guide the team towards the shared objective. And the key success factor for a collaborative team is to identify the shared objective first, and then to assign tasks based on team members’ strengths.

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Happy Learning !!

Your InspiringPeople Team

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