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Three tips to create digital TEAMS

Hereafter the three most inspiring insights of our recent Peer Learning Cycle between managers of large organizations on how to make teams more Digital. These insights were shared by Niels Kooi, Wajeeha Khan, and Zaure Akisheva.

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1. The Next Generation (shared by Niels Kooi)

A large Telco wanted to become more digital: their products and services had to appeal to the next generation of customers, and I was asked to draft a program. As part of the development program, 'The Next Generation' module was asking a bunch of 16 year olds into the room, and having them interact with each other and the participants. There was a clear generation-divide in the room, but the result was that new services were designed with this experience in mind. The program had other modules as well, but this was by far the most eye-opening of them all.

2. Stepping into the future (shared by Wajeeha Khan)

Multiple interventions were launched such as a digital boot camp, in which cross-functional participants came together to come up with projects, using coding, design thinking approach, data analytics and customer insights.

Additionally, e-learning modules were designed, and TedX styled talks were organized, where subject matter experts, industry leaders, and social innovators were invited to share their experiences with our teams.

3. Make change visible (shared by Zaure Akisheva)

To become more digital, my company decided to introduce a new set of corporate values. To engage people we had workshops per country and per location to define one visible action per value together. The visible actions were to be concrete, low cost, easy to implement and have high impact. With a group of other facilitators we reached thousands of people in more than ten countries.

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Happy Learning !!

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